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Hello, I’m Vinnie. Welcome to my site about glasses for kids. When I was a toddler, I received my first pair of prescription glasses. The glasses helped correct a problem focusing and slight nearsightedness. Since then, I have always worn glasses or contacts to keep my vision from worsening. My site will explore all of the ways you can help your kids adjust to their new pair of glasses. I will talk about making it through the eye exam and introducing them to the glasses. My site will also cover techniques you can use to help your kids learn how to care for their new lenses.

4 Tips For Your Eyes This Summer

The sweltering heat of summer is upon us, which means you're going to be out and about doing all types of things, rather than being cooped up inside any longer. Summer brings some fun, as well as some challenges, especially for your eyes. The sunlight, chlorine from swimming pools or hot tubs, allergens, and dust or debris in the air can all affect your vision. To help keep your eyes healthy throughout the summer months ahead, read on for tips.

1. Use Goggles While Swimming

When swimming in a pool or a lake, be sure you wear goggles to protect your eyes from the chemicals in swimming pools and to protect them from bacteria in lakes or ponds. Look for goggles that fit over your eyes properly and that offer enough suction to keep water out of them. Goggles that also protect against UV-A and UV-B rays can also be helpful, as they also work as sunglasses while in the water and protect against the sun's harmful rays.

2. Wear Sunglasses In The Sun

Wearing your sunglasses while out in the sun can also protect your eyes against sun damage. The sun's harmful rays can not only cause eye strain when squinting in the sunlight, but those rays can also be cancer-causing, resulting in eye cancer if you aren't careful. Wear sunglasses that fit over the eyes and that offer protection against the harmful rays mentioned above. 

3. Avoid Allergens

Allergies can create issues for your eyes and your vision, but it can be difficult to avoid allergens when they are everywhere. On high-pollen days, you should avoid being outside as much as possible to avoid causing vision problems. Allergies can cause the eyes to swell, or it can make your eyes watery or itchy, which can make it difficult if you are driving a car or working with heavy machinery. Talk to your optometrist about allergy drops for your eyes or other allergy medications that can help your eyes.

4. Protect Against Flying Debris

Protect yourself against flying debris by wearing eye protection when outside on a windy day. If you work in an area with flying debris, be sure you wear the proper eye protection to prevent debris from getting into your eyes. A gust of wind can cause dust and debris to blow into your eyes, leaving you with eye damage if you don't rinse your eyes thoroughly and properly.

Keep your eyes safe and healthy this summer, and talk to your eye doctor about other methods of eye care you can use to protect your eyes and vision.